Friday, May 14, 2010

About me...

I guess if I'm going to get anyone interested in reading this thing I should do an about me post huh? So here goes...I'm Kelly, I'm 30, married to the love of my life and mommy to the 2 coolest boys ever!!

I've had Melanoma since September 2008. I went to the doctor for some shoulder pain and come out with a cancer diagnosis. Not what I expectated, AT ALL. It's stage 4, the worst stage, just my luck. My melanoma is not on the outside of my body, it's internal. Right outside of my left lung is where the largest tumor is located. I have some smaller tumors located lower in my abdomen and one in my left breast. Ugh that one hurts like a bitch!! Just washing myself in the shower with a loofah hurts...anyways I'm going to start I've done experimental drugs, chemotheraphy, radiation & IL-2. The IL-2 was suppossed to be "the one" that would pretty much shrink my tumors to nothing. Ya not so much. I did 2 rounds of it and each time I had to be in the hospital for 1 week. It was hell on earth. I couldn't eat, I couldn't stop throwing up, I couldn't stop shitting, I felt like I had been hit by a bus, I would shake uncontrollably because I was so cold then I would be burning up, my skin was so dry and it was peeling off my body SO badly, my feet & legs swelled up like sausages. It was horrible. Then when we were finally able to see if it worked, we found out it didn't :( It shrunk the tumors a little bit but not as much as my doctor was hoping. It was such a letdown, especially after how hellish of an experience it was. I'll never do it again. If it had worked I'd have done 1000 rounds of it if it had meant I'd go into remission. We finally found a drug that is working! It's a Phase 1 Trial drug, no name, just letters & numbers. It's working. I just completed Cycle 4. My 1st CT Scan after starting this drug showed that ALL of my tumors shrunk by 32-38%!!!! I was SOOO happy =) So as long as this keeps working this is what I'll be taking.

Hubby's name is Nick. We've been together for 11 years, married for 3. He works for a major cable company and also has a small grass cutting company on the side with a friend of his. He's big into hunting & motorcycles. He loves sports & anything outdoors.

Nathan is our oldest son. He's going to be 5 next month!! He starts kindergarden in he fall. I just found out this morning that he got accepted into the school of choice district we wanted!! *happy dance* He is FULL of energy and is ALL boy! He's a lil Nick Jr. Acts just like his Daddy!! He loves the color green, trucks, Spongebob, our 2 dogs Logan & Izzie, playing outside.

Colin is our youngest. He'll be 3 in August. Hopefully he'll be in preschool in the fall. If he'll poop on the potty! Potty training is going pretty good except for that part :/ He loves to follow after his big brother and he's mommy's little helper :) He's also daddy's little motorcycle buddy. He told daddy he can never get rid of his bike because he wants it when he's older. Colin also loves the dogs, he walks around most days saying over and over "I love Logie & Isabelle" it's so cute :)

Logan is our German short haired pointer. He's 70 pounds and thinks he's a lap dog. He has destrpyed so much stuff in this house it's unreal. I would have gotten rid of him along time ago but Nick has a soft spot for the giant dumb ass.

Izzie [Isabelle] is my adorable puggle. Nick was @ a customer's house and they were giving her away. He went back when he got off of work and got her for me. She's the little girl I never had. She's mine [and Colin's] baby =)

So there's a little about me, if you want to know more just ask =)

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~J said...

You're family sounds picturesque..and your strength just blows my mind! Keep on fighting it girl!! XOXO

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