About Us

Kelly~ I'm the Mommy whose going to kick cancer's ass baby :) I'm 32 and married to the love of my life, Nick. We've been married for 4 1/2 years but together for 13 years. We met online and once we met IRL we were inseparable. It was love @ first sight. He told me he loved me after 9 days and I chewed his ass out!! Deep down I felt the same way though and I ended up telling him I loved him too a few days later. We've had our ups & downs, we've broken up [never for long though] & gotten back together a few times over the years but I wouldn't change any of it. I love him more than anything in this world and I don't know where I'd be without him. I couldn't imagine going through this difficult time in my life with anyone but him by my side.

Nick~The Daddy. The sometimes pain in my ass. He's 33. The best damn husband and father a girl could ask for. He may get on my nerves sometimes but that's normal right? It would be a little weird if he didn't! He works for a well known cable company [yay for practically free cable & internet :)]. He loves anything & everything to do w/ the outdoors. Mainly camping, fishing & hunting. He's also into football, hockey and motorcycles. He has a Kawasaki right now and I can't wait till we're able to trade it in for a Harley!!! :)

Nathaniel~Our oldest son. We usually call him Nathan unless he's in trouble. He'll be 57 on June 25th. He is in 1st grade. He is a giant ball of energy!! I call him Nick Jr sometimes because he acts just like his daddy! He always has to be doing something, he rarely sits still. Unless he's drawing. He does love to draw. He loves to play with our 2 dogs. He just loves to go, go, go! He's so smart and wants to know the how & why of everything. This boy wears me out!! He plays t-ball and loves playing with his little brother :)

Colin~Our youngest son. He was our surprise baby. I was on BC when I got pregnant w/ him, oops! Best surprise I've ever got :) He'll be 5 on August 2nd. He is a lot calmer than Nathan. He loves to read and color. He's very creative. When we have craft time he will paint one thing for an hour, making sure he gets every nook & cranny. He loves to help me with whatever I'm doing. Dishes, laundry [he's the washcloth folder no one else can touch them,lol!], cooking, cleaning, doesn't matter whatever Mommy's doing he wants to help. He also loves our 2 dogs. Especially our puggle, Izzie. He treats her like she's his baby. It's so cute :) He's in pre-school and I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten all day next year!!

Daddy, Colin, Nathan & Mommy
June 2010 @ the beach

 Melanoma walk Oct 2010
4th of July 2011
4th of July 2011
2011 Birthday party Nathan 6 & Colin 4
 Spiky hair!!
 Family wedding Sept 2011
Moi ready for the Melanoma walk 2011
 So proud of my hubby! Graduation from EMU w/ his bachelors degree. Dec 2011

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