Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Follow 6/11


I'm SOOOOO happy that it is Friday!!! Nick has tomorrow off so we get him all to ourselves for 3 whole days =) He usually works Tuesday-Saturday but this week he had training all week Monday-Friday so he gets tomorrow off. Yay for 3 day weekends! We have big plans so mother nature better coroporate! I just looked at the weather forecast and it doesn't look good. Scattered thunderstorms all both days we have outdoor plans :/ Tomorrow we want to go to the Toledo Zoo. Just get up and go without telling the boys where we're going. Then we want to go spend all day Monday at the beach. PLEASE don't rain!!!! This is Michigan so the forecast could change 5 times before noon.

I finished Cycle 5 of my chemo meds. My face didn't break out nearly as bad as it has in the past.It's a little red and has a few dry, flaky spots. Overall it looks damn good. Cycle 3 my face face was as red as my hair and it burned and hurt so bad. I went to wash my face one night with the face wash I've been using for years and I was in tears it hurt sooo bad. I had to buy a new face wash for sensitive skin that was alcohol free. SOOOO worth it!! I go back on the 24th to start Cycle 6.

I'm waiting to hear from Nick if he got approved for his vacation days. He put in for July 1-3. He already has the 4-6 off. So hopefully he'll know by lunchtime and I can start calling hotels. We want to go up north. Mackinaw Island and Traverse City possibly. We shall see. It'll be easier to plan when I know exact dates.


Heather said...

Thank for the Friday Follow! I hope you have a great weekend.

Beth said...

I hope you get the vacation days (and weather) that you're hoping for! Glad that chemo was a little eaier this time.

Kelly said...

He got the days off. Now I just need to find a hotel or a cabin that's not booked!

Have a good weekend!!

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