Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacay & Treatment Update

I finished my last chemo pill yesterday. This round I have felt like complete ASS. No fun at all especially since out of the 14 days of the round we were on vacation for 5 of them.

The first 3 days weren't too bad. The uncomfortable side effect [diarrhea] held off until we were back at the hotel for the night. I wasn't so lucky on day 4. We were on Mackinaw Island, it was in the mid 90's, humid as HELL and we go to Fort Mackinaw. To get there you have to walk up this ginormous hill that is steep as hell. My fat ass is sweating to death after I took forever to get up the hill. I can't hike it up a hill like I used to ever since my leg got messed up my a pain blocking procedure gone wrong :/ Once I get to the top I realize I have that feeling in my stomach. I hand the camera off to Nick and tell him to have fun and take lots of pictures. I literally ran for the bathrooms. I was in there forever :(

Not fun at all.

I finally finished up and the fam was sitting under a tree waiting for me. We watched a court marshall re-enactment and then went into some of the buildings. Then I got that feeling again. UGH!!! So I'm taking care of business and what do I see but a rip in the crotch of my Capri's!! Can my day get any better, seriously?!? I couldn't wait to leave and go back to the hotel that day! Thankfully my pants held up and did not split wide open and I did not have to make any more trips to the bathroom.

We left the Fort after that and inquired about renting bikes to ride around the island. $90 for 4 hours for a bike for me and a bike for Nick w/ a Burley Cart attached to the back for the boys to ride in. There are no cars allowed on the island at all [except for the fire truck & ambulance], you walk, ride a bike or take a carriage ride. Needless to say we passed on the bikes.

The rest of vacation was great. We toured an old Coast Guard ship, went to Tahquamenon Falls, Castle Rock, Colonial Michilimackinac, Mystery Spot, & the Weird Michigan Wax Museum. I'll have pics later. I tried to upload them to FB last night but FB was being a bitch and wouldn't do it :/

Ooohh so the gross BIL left my house nice and clean right. Nick was looking at the computer's history while we were gone and it was full of nothing but gay porn. Craigslist ads looking for gay sex, yahoo ads. He even drafted started drafting a reply message w/ Nick's email account!!! [Nick always has his email open on the desktop.] Look I'm all for loving whoever you want and all that jazz but the thought of his nasty, hairy, fat, ass sitting in MY basement whacking off just makes me want to vomit. Dude was supposed to be here feeding my damn dog [which he didn't do, don't get me started...] not whacking off! Grrrrrr just another reason why I can't stand him....I have plenty more reasons but my children need to eat dinner so I must go. I'll save all that for another day.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Yikes Kelly! BIL doesn't sound like some one I would want house-sitting.

Vacay sounds lovely except for the diarrhea. Sorry you had to deal with that during what should have been a fun time!

crisc23 said...

Damn sorry you had such a ruff time..gross on the BIL. It's my luck to get a rip in the pants

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