Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend recap & FMBT

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This weekend was good. Nick was actually off all weekend. He had a 3 day weekend because we went to the Kid Rock concert on Saturday.

The concert was...


We left early and drank in the parking lot. I had a 6 pack of Triple Black and I was druuuunk!! I haven't been that drunk since before I had Nathan. I was happy!! We got inside and I had some Bud Light. Our seats were on the lawn. We brought blankets to sit on. Once Kid came on no one was sitting. 
We were having a blast, rocking out like crazy. I haven't had that much fun in years. About 3/4 of the way through the show these assholes behind us [who were totally blitzed] start pushing & shoving. Nick & Brett told them 3 times to calm the fuck down and chill out. After the 3rd time Nick tells me that he has a feeling the guy is going to start shit and for me to get the hell out of there if he did. Sure enough a few minutes later he slams into us. I almost fell. I'm trying to go down to the bottom of the hill and all the fucktards in front of me are not moving at all. They are just standing there like DURH!!! I turn around to see where Nick is and the asshat who started shit is just going nuts. His bitch has her shit rolled up to just under her nasty ass tits. She's running her fucking mouth and trying to get in Nick's face. 

"Oh HELL NO bitch!! I am the only one that can talk to him likr that!" I was heated and ready to fuck the bitch up. I was drunk and super pissed that her douchecanoe [<3 that word Michelle!] man started all this shit while we're just trying to have a good fucking time ya know?? I'm all ready to cut the bitch and I fucking get knocked down because her asshole bf decided to push a bunch of people. We're on the side of a hill so I lost my balance and fell on my ass. The morons who were in front of us and wouldn't move for me earlier wouldn't fucking help me up!! Nick had just happened to see all this go down out of the corner of his eye. 

FYI~ Nick is a BIG guy. 6'3, 300 pounds. He used to play semi-pro football. He's huge and pretty damn solid. He could hurt you just goofing around and playing. He fucking lost it when he saw me on the ground. He hauled off and clocked the ass that started all this in the jaw. He hit the ground in 2 seconds flat! 

Meanwhile Brett is pretty much just pushing the idiot's friends out of the way and knocking them on the ground. After a few minutes Nick, Brett and I had made our way to the bottom of the hill. Melissa was still up there. I spotted her and Nick ran up and grabbed her. That's when about 10 security guards showed up. 2 or 3 medics were right behind them. Then the actual police showed up. We said fuck the blankets and got out of there before they started asking questions. We saw the moron that started everything get handcuffed and hauled off. Ha sucker!! We were just going to leave but we ended up finding another spot and watched the last few songs. The guys went back to our original spot to see if the blankets were still there. They were thank goodness. I'd have been pissed cuz that was my beach blanket!! So we finally get back to the car and I realize that my sunglasses are broken....grrrr!! Oh well I ended up buying a new pair the next day for $6.99. 

The next day we went out to the lake and spent all day @ the beach. It was fun as hell! Colin actually went in the water more than once and farther in than his knees! He usually just spends all his time playing in the sand.

After we got closer to home we had to stop by Nick's parents house. They had bought a new furniture set and got a free TV and needed Nick to carry it in. They ended up giving us their old TV. A 52" [I think] LCD. It's only a few years old. SWEET! Nick didn't even ask for it. His brother was at work but we all knew he would be pissed that mommy gave it to Nick. Sure enough Nick has a VM from his brother. He said it sounded like he was crying!!! He said he needed Nick to call him back b/c it was important, he needed the boys clothing sizes. Yeah okay that's just your excuse for Nick to call you so you can bitch about the TV. He is such a loser. It's not enough that your damn near 40 and still live w/ mommy & daddy rent free?!? Whatever man!!

We put up the Sticky Words vinyl I won from Babes Rockin Mami.
It looks awesome!! :)
I also won another giveaway this weekend! Shoe ID tags from Jana @ BB&aB :)


crisc23 said...

Sounds like a great time besides the assholes..hope the concert rocked =)

Steph S. said...

Well I am SUPER glad you had fun at the concert! Kid Rock comes to Huntington WV almost every year - the huntington peeps love the guy!
Thanks for stopping by from FMBT!

Kelly said...

Crystal~ it was awesome! Know I REALLY want to go to Eminem :)

Steph~ Cool :) I live in Detroit, where Kid is from. He said he could hit a golf ball to his house from the stage!

Cristin said...

Following you from http://inmycoatofmanycolors.blogspot.com

JoJo said...

Holy shit! This is like right out of an episode of the Jersey Shore!

Kelly said...

Cristin~ Welcome =)

JoJo~ I know right?!? I was pissed that that interupted my fist pumping!!!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Hello! I am a new reader from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing more from your site! Please follow me back at The Nutritionist Reviews: http://couponclippingnutritionist.blogspot.com/

Sheila said...

You have an award waiting for you at http://runninlategain.blogspot.com :).

Sandra said...

I love the line: "Oh HELL NO bitch!! I am the only one that can talk to him likr that!" I'm still laughing! Glad you didn't get hurt though. Glad your husband's built like a linebacker and uber protective of you. So romantic!

Kelly said...

Amanda~ Welcome =)

Sheila~ Thanks =)

Sandra~ Glad I could make ya laugh :) I love that hubs is big too. After it was all over he wouldn't let go of me. So sweet! :)

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