Monday, September 27, 2010

Mouthy Mamas Hop Too Blog Hop! Week 1~9/27

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So welcome to our round 1 of Mouthy Mamas Hop Too! A blog hop for blogs rated PG-13 and higher!!! Brought to you by



myself :)

to link up...follow the rules below....

1. Follow ALL 3 hostesses.
2. Link up to our hop & tell your non-family friendly blogger friends!
3. This link up is for blogs rated PG-13 & UP ONLY!!!
4. We're bitches...& we're gonna be checking out your sites!! don't make us delete your rainbow world and cupcake land rated G only asshat sites, YOU have a million of family friendly blog hops to choose from!
5. READ the blogs you follow... none of this.. 'follow me, i follow you' bullshit... i've got no time for commercials on TV OR the Internet peeps.

too mean?! lol why it's called mouthy mamas.... get over & come LINK UP!!!! and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

we'll be having weekly co-hostessess soon so let one of us know if you'd like the honor of being us fucking awesome as aims, kristin & myself ;) 

*Sorry I'm late. I got caught up at the chiropractor's office this morning. I got rear ended last night and my back is killing me!!*


aims said...

hey don't worry about that last email i sent... linky is back up... damn site... lol
hope your feeling better!!!!

Kelly said...

aims~ thanks babe!! :)

SB said...

following this awesome blog! let the fun begin. what's up with everyone getting in car accidents?

Kelly said...

SB~ thanks girl! bring it on baby :) i don't know but it fuckin sucks!!

Anonymous said...

Is this a Monday hop? I MUST get in on this next week!

Kelly said...

~J~ yes you MUST get in on it and yes it's a Monday hop. :)

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