Friday, October 22, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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*Fawk you to my big ass baby of a husband. You can shoot & kill a deer. Slice it from end to end so it's entire inside is hanging out with blood all over the place. BUT you can't clean up the barf from your dog?!?! Seriously??? Oh and here's another FY for you hun. Do you really think I'd leave dog shit on the landing?? If I had seen it I would have cleaned it up. You really think I'd rather the dogs step in it and track it through the house so I have more to clean? I told you one of the boys let the dogs up from the basement when we got home. Not me. Therefore I did not see it. Even if I did see it I would not have left it because your the one who acts like they don't see when one of the dogs has an accident!

*Fawk you to this weather! It has been soooooo windy and cold!! Blah :/
*Fawk you to my sister & her idiot boyfriend. Here we are trying to get him a good job where husband works and you don't want to come over so he can help you study for the test you have to take to get an interview because you want to go bowling with your mommy. If you get this job you's finally be able to save money so you can get a car and then you could go see your mommy whenever you feel like it. and you could move out of my mom & dad's house. oh and you could get health insurance for your son!!!! just saying!


EnVii said...

happy friday you have an award on my pg

Brittney said...

isnt that the worst ppl complain they need help and then when u try to give it to them its "too much work"

Christy said...

Dog shit is NOT ACCEPTABLE IN THE HOUSE!!! I'm with you on that one.

Boobies said...

LOL @ hubby...I won't lie..I'd clean up ANYTHING before vomit...I just can't do it.

Kelly said...

EnVii~ thanks doll!! :)

Brittney~ I hate it! Hello we are trying to HELP you?

Christy~ I know GROSS!!

Boobies~ I hate it too but come on now. You find it you clean it. That always seems to apply to me but not him.!

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