Friday, November 5, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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It's time to link up with 2 of the baddest bia's in blogland J and Christy!!

Fawk You to early doctor's appointments. I had to get up at 5am to go to my CT Scan this morning. I'm tiiiired!

Fawk You to my kitchen faucet. Did you really have to break while I was getting ready to do the dishes? That happened on Wednesday and it's still not fixed. Nick had to fix the heat in his truck that night, last night was parent/teacher conferences so hopefully it gets done tonight!

Fawk You to the cold. I've lived in MI my entire life but I will forever bitch about the cold. It's freezing!!!! And it was snowing last night for a few minutes!!

Fawk You bills. You suck. I'd better have enough $$ to go out for my birthday bitches.

That's all I have for this week.

Happy Friday and tell your friends to go link up!! =]


Christy said...

Early doctor's appointments should be banned. Who is even thinking at 5am besides the biscuit makers? And we love them. I, on the other hand, am ready for some cold weather. It may have something to do with hot flashes. No, I just love winter. I know, I'm weird.

Thanks for linking up with us and letting your fawks fly!

Kelly said...

The reason I go at the crack ass of dawn in because my dad takes me to my appointments and he likes to get it done & over with so we're not sitting there all day. If I drove myself I would not be going that early!!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow midwest girl..I will NEVER get used to the cold weather--EVER. It sucks.

EWWWWWW @ the 5 am appointment. That's almost as bad as cold weather.

How are you feeling lover?

Kelly said...

If it was fall like weather all year long I's be so happy. Jeans & a hoodie weather is perfect.

I'm feeling alright. I start Cycle 11 next week. Just in time to feel crappy on my birthday :/ Oh well at least I'm around to celebrate another one =]

Have a great weekend doll!!

JoJo said...

Waking up early sucks. I'm so with you on that one!

Kelly said...

Not only did I have to wake up early I got a saline shower 3 times! The nurse who started my IV picked the wrong spot. She was getting a good blood return but it would not push the saline in for anything. It popped out and sprayed me every time. She didn't want to have to poke me again. I finally told her to poke me again because it was starting to hurt. She was pushing it in and pulling it out, then she's wiggle it around. I wanted to scream!!

Ladii Aponte said...

our sink broke around this time last year and we had company coming Ugh i was doing dishes in the bathroom lol, and Bills OMFG they better go away before xmas and i better have tones of money for january i intend on spending a minimum of 1k on my sons birthday party and atleast 200 on myself this year lol obama should just get rid ofall this debt and make the banks go bankrupt!

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