Friday, November 19, 2010


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I have had a shitty day so I only have one FUCK YOU.

FUCK YOU DTE Energy!!!!! 

Today is payday. I was sitting down to pay my bills online and the damn DTE guy came and shut my shit off!!!!!!! For a past due amount of $264. That I was litterally 5 minutes away from paying!!!! I pleaded, I cried, I begged and they still did it. They guy who shuts the service off can't turn it back on. Give me a fuckin break!!!

I've seen stories on the news where people have bills that are damn near $1000 and they don't get shut off. Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh

So instead of $264 that I had to pay I ended up paying $504. The past due amount of $264, a $171 deposit and $71 reconnection fee. And -here's the kicker- they can't turn it back on until MONDAY!!!!! 

So here's another FUCK YOU to DTE!!!!!!!


Jacqui said...

isnt that illegial of them since you have children in the house??? i know in nevada as soon as you pay your bill with in 6 hours they have to have the power on in the house if there are children present...

so are you blogging by candle light, lol.

Kelly said...

I thought there was a law that said you couldn't shut the gas off if there were kids in the house and they said nope. We have electric but no gas which means NO HEAT!!

We've got 2 heaters going right now and another one if we need it but it just pisses me off because I was minutes away from PAYING it when it happened!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Fuck that!

EnVii said...

what the fuck!! he could of stood there and watched you pay it. some peope are real inconsiderate

Christy said...

I don't think they can do that. Someone does not have their info right. And the fact that you are going through medical treatments should also be a factor. And don't take the word of the guy who showed up to shut it off. Get something from your doctor for them to have on file. That will also help.

I wouldn't let up until you spoke to someone who can help with this.

mama2lilev said...

I have been there too many times!! You have to laugh at the small things at least that is what I tell myself by candle light, no internet, and no water! ;)

Kelly said...

A Daft Scots Lass~ hell yeah!

EnVii~ they said that the guys who turn it off can't turn it back on. whatever jerks!

Christy~ That's what I thought too but they can. 4 different people told us we were wrong. I also researched the laws online and I couldn't find anything that said they couldn't. It's BS!!

Mamatolilev~ I was just happy it wasn't too cold. If it had happened in the middle of winter we;d have been spending the weekend with some family!

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