Sunday, December 12, 2010

hey hey hey

I haven't blogged in forever...

I just haven't been feeling it...

I've been pretty down in the dumps lately. On top of not feeling all that great. Great combo right?!?

I've felt worse in the past so I'm so grateful I'm not as sick as I have been. But ugh feeling like poo every day damn near all day is getting old. I feel like I've got a bad ass cold. I'm tired all the time, have a headache that won't stop, my feet are swollen and I feel nauseous and have killer cramps. The treatment is working so I'm happy!! This is better than being stuck in the hospital away from my 3 fave guys <3 Thanksgiving was nice. We went to my brother's for awhile and then to my aunt's to eat. The day after though was fucked up. We didn't go to Nick's parents house. Nothing was ever said to me about going there but I figured we'd stop by at some point. Well we didn't and the next day after I posted my pictures on Facebook Nick's mother posts on my wall "thanks for coming over or calling. hope you had fun with your family cause that's all you care about" Are you fucking kidding me? This from the woman who 1. screamed at me one day [when I was still working] as I walked in the house to pick the boys up "I can't take this anymore! I'm not watching them!" No notice, no talking like a civil adult. Just left us hanging. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer like Nick and I didn't have enough on our minds.
2. Ever since then they never try to see the kids or call the kids. They live 5 minutes away.
3. They never called Colin on his birthday and they didn't call Nathan to tell him Happy Birthday until almost a week later.
4. She never bothered to come see the kids on Halloween, FIL did.
5. The times that we take them over there she doesn't pay attention to the boys. She sits and plays her FB games and talks on the phone to her friend she met on FB.
6. She never wants to watch the kids. She always acts like it's an inconvenience. We don't even ask anymore. We don't expect them to watch the kids but sometimes we've needed a little help, especially when I had multiple doctor's appointments a week.

So I call Nick flipping out. He says he'll call her after work. He comes home from work and we get to talking about it and he says that he doesn't want to start an argument. WTF?!? I was pissed. So he leaves to run to the store and he ended up calling her. He called me to tell me she was going to call.While Nick and I are on the phone I noticed his stupid ass brother left a comment on my status that said "I was raised that if you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all" BIL comments that he was going to keep his mouth shut but when someone hurts his mom he has to say something. He goes on and on that I have 2 sides of the family and need to see both of them blah blah blah..That was it. I had had it. I was fuming! I commented back that they needed to stop posting shit on my wall to make me look like an evil bitch. I didn't do a damn thing wrong. I informed him that ever since Nick and I have been together, even before we were married that we went to both sides of the family for every holiday. How lovely that scuzy ass BIL seemed to forget all the years he wasn't around because he was high as hell in a crack house prob sucking his bf's dick to get drug money. How convienient.So after I replied back he deleted all his comments within minutes. Whatever loser.....So anyways MIL calls and I answer with "hello?" It was a good 30 seconds before she said anything. She apologized. She tried to play the pity me card. Whatever. I told her everything that I numbered up above. All she said was "I guess we need to talk more" Yeah ok. So then she asks if we'll eat Christmas dinner at her house. I said sure when it gets a little closer let us know what time so I can figure out what time we're going to my parents house. She got mad! She did that fucking annoyed sigh that drives me CRAZY!!! I'm not going to sit in my house and not see my family because that's what you choose to do, No thanks!!!


Anyways on to some good news. Colin is potty trained!!!! It's so nice to not buy diapers anymore after 6 years!!!! He's so excited to start school now that he's a big boy! :)

Writing all that out made my headache worse. argh!!! I have to go have a brain MRI on Tuesday because I've had a constant headache for almost 2 weeks now ://One major concern having melanoma is that it could spread to the brain so off to make sure I have nothing in my head! lol I'm pretty sure it's from needing new glasses & contacts. God I hope that's all it is. I go to the eye doctor on Friday so hopefully everything is straight soon! I'm outta here! Loves you!!!!!!

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