Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope your all having a wonderful holiday season. For the first time in forever I'm just not feeling it. At all :/ I don't know what it is. I feel like shit but I have felt like this for quite a few holiday now so it's not really that. Maybe it's the fact that there is NO SNOW. I live in Michigan and we usually have had tons of snow by Christmas.

I don't see my blah feeling going away anytime soon either. I'm [sarcastic voice]so looking forward to seeing the in-laws!! [end sarcastic voice]. I don't even want to get into it now. Let's just say how wonderful I feel about my husband having to go over there to clean so when we get together to celebrate there is space for us to sit and somewhere for the kids to play. Never mind that there are two people who live there that are more than capable of keeping the house clean. Ugh I'm going to stop there before I get pissed again. I'll just end with I hate lazy people!!

Tonight is my family get together. We also do this on Christmas Eve at my aunt's house. Hopefully once I'm over there my spirits will lift. I love my family!!! Tomorrow we are going to my parents house and having dinner. I'm cooking. Eekk!! I've never cooked a holiday dinner for anyone before. They were supposed to come here but again another in-law story I don't want to get into right now. Then Monday it's off to Nick's parents house. Blahhhhh

Well I suppose I should finish getting done what needs to be done. I did win a code for so I'll try to remember to post that later after I do it.

Merry Christmas!!

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The Queen said...

Merry Christmas baby girl.. I love you.. don't over do.. I know.. shut up momma.. lol..

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