Saturday, September 13, 2008

The following are my latest posts from my OD to get any new people who may stumble across my blog up to date.

Biopsy Results
Friday, September 05, 200

I found out the results from my biopsy yesterday. It was not good news at all. It appears to be a metastatic malignant melonoma. I have to have a repeat biopsy because they ran out of tissue samples to test. There is a small chance they are wrong. They are hoping that that is the case once they have more tissue to test. Since that is what it appears to be they have me set up for a CT Scan of my head, neck, abdomen and pelvis. Another biopsy and then I have appointments with a dermatologist, an oncologist and a thoracic surgeon.

Melonoma is skin cancer and I have no moles or marks on the outside of my body that I have noticed. My doctor said is is very rare but that you can get melonoma on the inside of your body in the soft tissue or the bone. It's so rare that she has never had a patient with it. Lucky me huh? It's spread from somewhere else in my body and hopefully the CT Scan will show where it started. Otherwise there is another full body scan that they would do if they don't find it this time.

I'm so glad that Nick was able to get off of work and take me to the doctor's yesterday. I couldn't stop crying and half of what the doctor said I couldn't even comprehend because I was so upset.

The good thing is that melonoma is treatable and they death rate is very low like 1% I think so if there is a plus side to all of this I guess that would be it huh?

Monday, September 08, 200

As if I wasn't scared and worried enough as it is I found a lump in my left breast over the weekend. My breast started hurting and I felt it to see what was going on and I found a hard spot. I went into the doctor today and sure enough it's a lump. I go for a mammogram on Thursday.

This sucks :/

Feeling better about all of this,
Thursday, September 11, 2008

I feel like complete shit right now. All day actually. I had another CT Scan this morning. I had to drink 32 ounces of water mixed with some sort of chalky substance. It was nasty. After drinking it I felt sick to my stomach. I had to wait an hour before they could do the scan. They call me back and tell me I have to drink more. I start drinking it and feel horrible. I ask what happens if I throw up. The tech says nothing. Ok so why do I have to drink it then??? I'm thinking to myself as I take another sip. Sure enough I ended up throwing up. I felt better after that. They got me set up on the table and hooked the IV up to me and started. The results should go to my doctor in a couple of days.

I've decided to not do treatment with the doctors I have appointments with. I'm going to go right to Karmanos Cancer Institute.. I called today to set up an appointment and I need to have my medical records faxed to them then a team of doctors will get together before my consultation and get familier with my case and have at least part of a plan of action ready when I come if for the consult. I have to go sign a consent for my records to be sent to them and then I'll get a call for an appointment. My BF Cortney has a family friend who works there and he gave her the name of the doctor I need to see. He said that because the type of cancer it is and my age that I would be top priority. I would have a team of doctors [kind of like the show House]. I may have to go and stay for a couple of days at first to do some tests. I guess I'll know more once I have the consult. I feel really good about this. Earlier today I was so depressed and I was crying all day but now I have a new sense of hope. I'll deinatley keep you guys updated.

Thanks again for all the prayers. It means SO much to me and I love you all!!!


The kids are awake now and wanting some breakfast.

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