Thursday, March 18, 2010

I haven't wrote in here in forever! Things are ok for the most part. The kids are good. They both got sick Tuesday night. Colin woke up around 1 saying his tummy hurt. Shortly after that he started throwing up. He kept throwing up until about 4 when he finally fell asleep. I was about to lay down and go to sleep and Nathan gets up and starts throwing up! He didn't have it as bad as Colin did thankfully. Everytime I was about to doze off though he needed me to get him the trashcan. That's motherhood though huh? All day Wednsday they just layed around the house and napped on and off. Neither one had a fever. I think they got some bad chocolate milk when we went out to dinner on Tuesday night. They are fine now, thank goodness. I hate it when my babies are sick!!

I go for a CT Scan on the 25th. I'm currently taking an experimental drug. It doesn't even have a name, just a bunch of letters & numbers. I *think* it's working. I'm not in as much pain. I don't need to take my pain meds as much as I used too so that is AWESOME!! I am SOOOOO ready for these tumors to be GONE!!!! Bye bye I won't miss you fuckers one bit. I hope your visit was horrible & your are under NO circumstance welcome back, Kthnxbye!!

I intend to start writing in this more than I have been and I'll post some pics soon so hopefully I'll have some readers to post them for!!!! :D

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