Friday, March 19, 2010

Convo w/ Nathan

I'm driving home from picking Nathan up from school today. At the very end of our street they are building a dentists office. One half of the building is bricked. Nathan noticed.

N "Hey Mom they need to paint now."
M "You don't paint brick bud."
N "We should paint our house green."
M "No thanks."
N "But Mom it's my favorite color."
M "I know but I'm not painting the house green. If you want a green house then you can paint your house green when you grow up and move out."
N "That's when I don't have to live w/you & dad anymore right?"
M "Yeah that's right."
N "I'm going to take Izzie w/ me."
M "No your not. She's my dog."
N "What about Logan?"
M "Your gonna have to ask daddy. You know when you grow up you can get your very own dog."
[insert a sigh & loooong pause from N]
N "well what if I don't want a dog?"
M "why wouldn't you want your own dog? you love dogs."
N "well what if they poop & pee in my new house?"
M "uh you clean it up like we do if Izzie does it in our house."
N "Oh ok Mom. But you better bring Izzie to visit me when I'm grown & in my green house, ok?"

He cracks me up. After we finished this conversation Colin put in his two cents and said he's not ever moving out of mom & dad's house!!

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