Thursday, June 3, 2010

I suppose I should update this badboy...

I had a CT Scan last week and it was stable. Yay!!! I'm happy that the tumors are not growing. I wish they were still shrinking, but as long as they are not getting bigger I'm one happy momma!! I also started Cycle 5 of my chemo drug last Thursday. I take the drug [1 pill] for 14 days then I'm off for 14 days. Then I start all over again. I have to fast for 2 hours before taking the pill then 1 hour after taking the pill. So I take it as soon as I get up in the morning that way I'm only awake for an hour of the fasting time. I'm not one to eat much in the morning but when you can't eat you are SO hungry and that's all you think about!!

Our Memorial weekend was good. My cousin Nick came home from the Navy for a visit. We had a family BBQ and birthday party on Saturday. Sunday we chilled around the house and BBQ'd and had a fire in the backyard. Monday we went and BBQ'd and swam @ a friend's house and Tuesday we went to the state park and BBQ'd on the beach. Nathan has turned out to be my water baby. I could not get that boy out of the lake. He was out there with Daddy pretty much all day while Colin proved to be my sand baby. Him and I played in the big "sand box" as he called it and built sand castles, dug holes & made lemonade =) Down @ the end of the beach there was a giant inflatable water slide. It was $1 a slide or $10 all day. I managed to find $2 in my purse. I rarely carry cash on me :/ Now I know for next time to bring $$. We'll be back alot this summer. We bought the annual pass so we can go anytime now w/o having to pay to get in. Nathan loved the slide. Colin not so much. We almost had to go up and get him down but he ended up going down, crying the whole way. Then he wanted to go right back on it! Then proceeded to cry because he couldn't go again because I didn't have anymore cash on me.

Nothing else exciting has happened this week. I took the kids summer clothes layaway out of KMart yesterday. Yay :)

We're getting our family pictures taken by a professional photographer on Sunday. It's a gift for my birthday [from last Nov]. I just never got around to getting it done back then b/c I was pretty sick from just getting done w/the IL-2. Too bad b/c I was skinnier then, lol!! It's pretty cool tho b/c the photographer gives you the whole session on a CD then you take it to Meijer or wherever you want to print the pics and print what you want so it's way cheaper. AWESOME =) I can't wait. She does beautiful work!

I should get my happy lil butt in bed, night night!!

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