Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Follow =)


Oh lord last night around 12:30ish I nearly had a heart attack. I checked our bank account online to see how much hubby's check was since today is payday. His checks are normally direct deposited into the account at midnight on payday. I look, it's not there. I look @ the calender thinking maybe I have the day wrong. I've thought it was the wrong day all week, darn holiday weekend messing me up!! I keep checking periodically until 2am when I go to bed and nothing. I'm freaking out. Wondering how will be pay our bills? How will I feed my babies? For two weeks? Two weeks seems like a LONG time when it's the middle of the night, your tired and you have my imaginagion, lol!!!

Thankfully all was well when I got up this morning ans looked @ the account. Momma's going shopping :)


Crystal said...

Following back :)
My hubby gets paid bi-weekly as well. And since I just left my job, 2 weeks is a long time. I would be panicing if it wasn't in there at midnight as well.
Good Luck with everything, and I am sure I will be back

Lynn said...

Hey! Following you back from Friday Follow. I am unemployed and collecting unemployment. Had a recent experience with them...they decided not to pay me because they hadn't "approved" me to go back to school. I guess they were expecting me to collect money and sit on my tush eating twinkies. I am now panicing about all our bills. I so know how you feel! Boo to the economy for being so crappy. I want a job, I miss shopping!

Have a great weekend!

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