Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The boy's birthday party [pics]

The birthday boys :] I can't believe my babies are soooo big!!

Nathan & his buddy Brent from pre-school and Colin on the hood!

Some family. My parents are on the left. Dad is the big guy w/ the black hat and Mom has the red shirt on.

Nathan & Brent. They were SO excited to see each other. They haven't seen each other since pre-school graduation, which was in the middle of May.

Another great cake by my cousin. We also had 2 dozen cupcakes that I forgot to get a pic of :( I was so busy, I didn't sit down once the entire party!!

The birthday party was a huge success :] I didn't sit down once during the entire thing! I was sooo busy! But my boys had an awesome time and all the family and friends had a blast so it was worth it. There were sooooooo many kids!

Nathan was so excited to see his friend Brent. Brent's mom told me that when he got the invitation in the mail he was so excited that he had to call his dad at work and tell him that he was going to Nathaniel's birthday party. Brent insists on calling Nathan Nathaniel. His mom tried to tell him it's ok to call him Nathan but he has a cousin named Nathan so he says Nathaniel isn't Nathan. Kids are funny!

They got so much stuff. I need to go through the old toys and organize. Throw away broken stuff and save some stuff for my niece & nephew or donate it. I meant to do it before the party but damn it I got sick! We got them mp3 players & bikes. I'll do another post w/ some more pics of that. Besides who can resist the cuteness that is my boys? :D


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Aww looks like they had a great party!

Kelly said...

Thanks they did =)

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