Friday, July 9, 2010


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FAWK YOU ~skeezy BIL. Save your rim job, ass fucking search for your own computer in your own house...oh that's right you don't have your own house you still live w/ mommy & daddy. hahaha

FAWK YOU ~Logan. You are the dumbest dog ever! Seriously stop it already. I am so over chasing your stupid ass down the block at 6 in the morning, tits flopping around for all to see. All the while I can't see because it's 6am and I don't have my contacts in yet, just my glasses on that are not the right script!

FAWK YOU ~955. Gimmie my Eminem tickets already dammit!!!!!

FAWK YOU ~terrible 2's. Colin has turned into a little shit. For real. I don't remember Nathan being this bad at all when he went through it. He has my temper BAD :/ He'll wake up screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!" and then say he wants something to eat. I'll get it for him then he screams "I'M NOT EATING!!!!!!!" then he'll hide under the kitchen table. Then you get Nathan antagonizing him to make it all better ya know?? Someone fuckin shoot me already....

FAWK YOU ~fucking swollen ankles!!! You've been swollen since the 1st. WTF??? I know I did a shit load of walking on vacation but come on now!! Go back to normal PLEASE!!!!! I do not want to have to take that med that makes me pee ALL the time!! :/

One Crazy Brunette Chick


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Colin sounds like Cole. Cole will be 4 in a couple of weeks and he has been AWFUL lately!!

Kelly said...

I thought we were going to get by with no terrible 2's w/ Colin. He'll be 3 on Aug 2nd. He just started this within the last couple weeks. He's usually SO sweet & lovable. I hope it passes SOON!!

crisc23 said...

Well cant relate to the BIL cause mines only But F 955 is right man. I'd like to see how the phone system is ran..lmao

I hate terrible 2's but I think it just gets worse when they are teens so I like her like this..lmfao

Kelly said...

The summer after I graduated HS I had the best luck winning stuff off of the radio. I would do anything to have that luck right about now!!

I've still got 2 months, hopefully I can do it!!

Kisma said...

My younger one took me to hell and back with her "2"s. Maybe its a second child thing.

Happy Friday and put your feet "if" you get the chance today;-)

Christy said...

It's been a while since I was pregnant, but I carried twins and talk about water retention.

Crazy Brunette said...

I think I am sooooo fucking in love with you bitch!!!!!

Brother in law sucks ass huh??? LMAO!!!

JoJo said...

Thanks for stopping by me blog and you are hilarious yourself girl! I love your fawk you's probably one of the best I've read yet!

Kelly said...

Kisma~ The boys are napping, my feet are up ad I'm waiting for lunch to be done.
Happy Friday!! =)

Christy~ My bff had twins and had the same problem w/water retention :/

Have a good weekend!!

Kelly said...

CB~ Love you too skank face!!
Yeah BIL is soooo gay. Which hey whatever floats your boat. To each their own...blah, fuckin, blah. He'll never admit it though no matter how much gay porn hubs finds on the computer. We've found TONS on more than one occasion. More than you may accidently stumble across while looking at your type of porn ya know?

Ugh enough about that, I'm getting sick to my fucking stomach and I'm about to eat lunch!

Have a good weekend!!

JoJo~ Your welcome girl!! have a great weekend!

Jacqui said...

haha i love it! my youngest is going throught really bad terible 2's. UGH :(

WhisperingWriter said...

And that's why we will never have a dog. I wouldn't have the patience.

Babes Mami said...

Since you linked it up with J and Slutzilla...following you!

Check me out here

Kelly said...

Jacqui~ I am SO over the terrible 2's!! Bring on the terrific 3's or something more pleasant, lol!!

Amber~ Logan is Nick's dog. He'll make anyone not want a pet. EVER. My doggie, Izzie is the cutest little puggle you've ever seen :)

Babes Mami~ Thanks for stopping by :) I'm following you as well girl!

Have a great weekend girls!!

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