Friday, July 23, 2010


First off THANKS for all the concern and well wishes about how crappy I've been feeling & about my doctor's appointment. You guys are the best!!

My appointment went well. As soon as I told them how bad my headaches have been and that I stopped drinking pop they said it was more than likely caffeine with drawls. They said to slowly wean myself off the pop instead of stopping cold turkey. Especially since I've never tried to quit before. If my headache hadn't of gone away by today they wanted me to come back today for a brain MRI to make sure the cancer hadn't spread to my brain. THANK GOD after I had some Pepsi I felt like me again :)

Time for some FAWK YOU's!!!!!!

FAWK YOU~ Dr. L. Your a great doctor and all but don't try make me feel guilty because I didn't have my empty pill bottle. Boo-fuckin-hoo you'll get in trouble w/ the FDA. I've been doing this trial for SEVEN MONTHS now and no one has ever told me to return the empty bottles!!! If it was that important you would think someone would have told me before today!

FAWK YOU~ mother nature! Please don't be 90+ degrees w/ 90% humidity on Sunday for the boy's birthday party!

FAWK YOU~ John the punk ass thug across the street. Stop stealing shit or go to jail and stay there for good loser. I'm sick and tired of worrying about your ass stealing my shit!!

That's all I have for now!

Happy Friday :)

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One Crazy Brunette Chick


crisc23 said...

Do they think your sellin your pills or somethin? who returns empty bottles, assholes

Kelly said...

No it's because it's an investigational drug and it's not approved by the FDA.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm so glad your appointments went well & also that your headache went away.

Kelly said...

Me too!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh WoW! I've never heard of having to return the bottles...what a bunch of douches...I'm sure returning empty bottles are the last thing on your you feeling mama?

Love your Fawk yous this week! Thanks for linking up gorgeous!

Christy said...

Keep plugging away and we're here for you!

Uyen said...'re so funny. Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well lately. I'm just stopping by from Follow-Friday...have a great weekend!

Crazy Brunette said...

Love you whore! I can fed-ex some of my empty pill bottles!!! Doubt they'd appease your doc though!

Kelly said...

J~ the whole bottle thing has something to do w/ the drug being investigational. That's all fine & dandy just don't bitch @ me for something I knew nothing about!! Next month I get to bitch @ them. I just realized today that they forgot to give me my pill diary. I'll make sure I take my sweet ass time filling it out next month!
I feel pretty good. The headaches are gone and I have yet to get any side effects from this cycle. I'll deal w/ all the nasty side effects as long as the bitch of a tumor is shrinking!! How are you feeling? All healed up & back to normal yet?
Have a good weekend love!! :)

Christy~ Thanks for the support, I appreciate it :)

Kelly said...

Uyen~ thank you :) I'll go check you out when I'm done here :)

CB~ love you too slut!!! I bet your bitch ass has more than enough empties to send me! Your too sweet doll but your right I don't think doc would be too thrilled to have the Rebel Slut's empty Xanax bottles!!
Have a good weekend bitch!!!

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