Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoot me now & put me out of my misery!

I have felt like complete shit this week :/ Of all weeks for me to feel like this it has to be the week of the boy's birthday party. I've got shit to do damnit!!!

I've had the worst motherfucking headache that I think I have ever had! For 3 days!! As if that wasn't bad enough my stomach started hurting yesterday. Not just a tummy ache but make me hot & dizzy, feel like I'm going to puke. You better lay your ass down before you pass the fuck out kinda ache.

The boys had fun playing doctor w/ me. Although Dr. Colin was fired after he would not return his pages because his toy trucks were more interesting. He also said I just had to suffer because he was going outside to play w/ Daddy. Momma was chopped liver once Daddy got home from work. So Dr. Nathan it is even though his treatment plan includes cutting my head open, removing my brain & replacing it w/ Treo blocks!

Nick seems to think that the headaches are just caffeine with drawls. I had my last glass of wonderful, glorious Pepsi on Monday. Tuesday when I woke up is when all this started. I drank entirely way toooo much pop so I quit. I'm sick of the extra chunk damnit!! My new drink of choice is Crystal Light lemonade w/ real lemon squeezed in. Yummy :)

I go to the real doctor in the morning to start Cycle 7 of treatment. I should also find out when my next CT Scan will be. Yay!! I'm anxious to see if this bitch ass tumor has shrunk anymore.

I need to get my ass back to bed. My chauffeur [aka dad] will be here @ 6:30 am. ughhhhh!!!!


crisc23 said...

Not sure what you can take, but Excedrin makes a Tension Headache that has Caffinne in it. I used them when I was pregnant. Keep us updated on the Dr. Appt

Jennifer Juniper said...

What about tea?? Its not soda but has caffeine, have you tried that?? Of course, if it is caffeine withdrawls, you're probably almost done, so nevermind..
Good luck with your next cycle & CT scan.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Feel better love!

Kisma said...

Oh girl do I hear you on the soda/caffeine. Advil is your friend and once the headache goes away it gets so much easier!

I did this for lent this past year because I was drinking WAY to much of it. I now only have a cup or two in the morning and that's it. I was drinking it ALL THE time! My head hurt for about a week. SUCKED.

JoJo said...

sorry it's been such a shitty week.

I'm excited for you to get the results of your next CT scan though!!

Let's shrink that bitch!

Kelly said...

Crystal~ thanks girl :)

Jennifer~ I can't stand tea :/ Thanks for the well wishes! :)

Michelle~ thanks dear :)

Kisma~ I'm going to only drink a glass or 2 and see how I do w/ that for now :) The headache def. SUCKS! Worst I've ever had!

JoJo~ thanks hon!
Yes let's shrink that bitch!!!

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