Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Follow, Friendly Friday, Social Parade Follow 7/30

Happy Friday!!!
If your here from one of the follows WELCOME!! :)

We have no exciting plans for the weekend. Nick has to work tomorrow & Sunday. The boy's and I are going to my cousin's graduation party tomorrow afternoon. Sunday we'll just chill at home during the day, maybe go grocery shopping. Sunday night the boy's are spending the night at my parent's house because Monday morning I have to do downtown for my CT Scan. Monday is also Colin's 3rd birthday. When I'm done at the hospital we are taking him to Calder's Dairy Farm to see the farm animals & have some yummy fresh ice cream :) My parent's want to take us out to eat too. So depending on what time I'm done we'll do lunch or dinner.

Have a good weekend!!

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Theresa said...

Iam your newest follower from Social Parade

furygirl3132 said...

Hello! I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Kelly said...

Thanks guys....I'm off to check you both out :)

ladyguinevere28 said...

Hello... i am following you now from friday followers. Hope you could return the favor. its and

Enjoy your weekend. Thank you


Mom's Review for you said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am following you! Would love it if you could follow me back!


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