Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kids say the damdest things...

We were eating dinner earlier and Colin starting gagging. Not quite choking, but close enough. Nick scooped him up and I pryed his mouth open and scraped the food out w/ my fingers. I got it all out and we're sitting there and Colin is calming down, he had been crying a little bit. All of a sudden he starts eating the food that I had just scooped out of his mouth!! Don't mess w/ him & his food! We couldn't help but laugh. So he gobbles all of that up then he snatches up the last couple bites of BBQ chicken that are left on my plate!

After dinner the boys and I were playing. I was fake crying because Colin had hit me accidently. Nathan was hugging me. All of a sudden he stops.

"Be tough like Daddy."

"I don't want to, I'm a girl."

"Then go be a naked boy toy."

WTF?!? Where the hell did that come from??????

I swear kids say the damdest things!

Nick ended up not going out because while he was at work he got a call from HR. He had put in an app for a supervisors position a few days ago. Before you can even get the interview you have to take this test. You have 24 hours from the time they call you to take it. They called at 2pm. He works tomorrow so he had to take it tonight. If he gets the job he could make up to 10 grand a year more. *fingers crossed*


ClosedOnSunday said...

What exactly is a "naked boy toy?" Hahaha!

I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed for your hubby!

Kelly said...

Hell if I know!!! Nathan can give no explanation either, lol!

Thanks for the finger & toe crossing!! I appreciate it!!

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