Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Update & FMBT 7/13

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Our weekend was alright. Sunday & Monday is our weekend since those are Nick's days off. He did have to work yesterday though. Mandatory OT. Yeah baby!!

Saturday the boys and I went over and checked out my brother Bryan's new house. He's the one one who is w/ the evil pregnant bitch. Baby's due at the end of August. They are still working on the house. He said they should be moving in by next weekend. It was cute. Nothing fancy. Just a cute lil bungalow like ours.

When Nick came home from work he asked if I wanted to go to the street fair. We ate dinner, dropped the kids off at his parents house and headed to the fair. We ran into our neighbors from across the street. I didn't even recognize them [duh!]. Found out from them that the thug from across the street is out of jail. After we were done talking to them we walked around, got an elephant ear and then hit the beer tent/entertainment area. We watched a bike show and talked to some old friends that Nick used to be in the Jaycees with. I decided to have a Bacardi lemonade. I had taken my pain meds [2 vicodin, 2 metadone & 1 topamax] right before we left home. The alcohol & the meds didn't go so well together, I was buzzed FAST! After awhile The Howling Diablos starting playing. They were okay. We were more amused w/ this guy who had to have been wasted. He was dancing & having a good ole time all by himself! I got a few videos. I'll upload them later. About 20 minutes later I started feeling sick. It wasn't from the alcohol. I've been feeling sick from my meds ever since I started the last Cycle. We ended up leaving. I defiantly did not ant to get sick in public! Once we got in the car and in the A/C I started to feel better. I didn't get sick, thank goodness. I just felt horrible :/ We picked the kids up and went home.

Sunday Nick worked and the boys and I just hung around the house. Nothing exciting. Nathan wasn't feeling well. He's usually bouncing off the walls and I have to beg him to sit down for 5 minutes to give me a break. He layed around all day. He just felt blah :/ He wasn't loud or crazy. So not Nathan! He woke up around 3 last night w/ a fever. I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep.

Monday was a shitty day. It started off good. We all woke up around 10. I made a yummy breakfast. Scrambled eggs, sausage & fried potatoes. After we ate I took the boys outside to play in the pool & the sprinkler. Nick stayed inside playing COD. A couple hours go by and he decides he's going to leave and go play golf. He starts fucking bitching at me because a certain pair of shorts & shirt that he wanted to wear were not clean.

Are you fucking kidding me??? I'm getting your work clothes washed first asshole because you have to work in the morning. Oh and I have felt like complete ASS from my CANCER medication for 2 weeks now. Sorry that the other clean clothes that are in the fucking bedroom are not up to your fucking standards assturd!!

He leaves and is gone or 5 hours. Comes home and acts like everything is fine. God I HATE that!! Then he asks me if I'm mad.

Yeah jackass I'm mad. You fucking left out of here bitching that I didn't have every fucking piece of clothing you own clean and you expect me to not be mad?!?

So then he's hugging all over me and kissing me. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Yadayadayada.

Fuck yeah you were wrong!!!

And to make my mood even better. My feet look like damn sausages!! :/ They swelled up while we were on vacation. I figured it was from all the walking. Now they are doing it again. It never really went away since we've been home, it just went down. But they are fricking huge again! I need to get out my paperwork about the drug I'm taking and see if this is one of the MANY side effects. I need to call the doc too and let them know how long it's been going on. I don't go back in for 10 more days.

Okay I think I'm done bitching now!

Happy FMBT!! :)


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