Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Stalk Friday & Fawk You Friday

Bitches it's Friday!!!! Time for two of my favorite blog hops.....

One Crazy Brunette Chick


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If you don't link up w/ these...WTF is wrong w/ you?!? Be warned though, you better live up to CB's standards or she will bitch slap you and send you on your way w/ your head hanging in shame!!

On w/ the show...

*FAWK YOU~ morons @ the Kid Rock concert. You ass hats broke my sunglasses and I could not get the mud stains out of my tank top. You suck!!

*FAWK YOU~ cancer. I started Cycle 8 of my meds yesterday and I feel like shit. I was awake most of the night because I felt like I was going to puke and I had a horrible headache. 

*FAWK YOU~ small car!! How the HELL are we going to fit everything in you that we need when we go camping next weekend?!?

Go link up & Happy Friday!! =)


MommyLovesStilettos said...

*HUGS* feel better soon babe!

Kelly said...

Michelle~ Thanks babe!! :)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing!! I'll bet Kid Rock was awesome..totally jeaous.

I was thinking about you the other day and had one of my 'gut feelings'...ask anyone who knows me..they are SPOT on always...I can literally feel you kickin cancer's ass Mama...keep doing it!!

Smooches--feel better!

Kelly said...

J~ The concert was awesome!!

Thanks for all your support girl! Your the best!!

Crazy Brunette said...



I'm sorry it took my skanky ass so long to get the fuck back over here since vacation... I'm still playing catch up like a crazy bitch!

Love you!!!!

Kelly said...

CB~ Me too! He pushed past me on his way to the lawn. Some guy in a Red Wings jersey pushed past me after a bunch of security guards said there was an emergency. A couple seconds later, there's Kid in the middle of the lawn, in a Red Wings jersey!

I forgive you for taking so long to get back to my awsomeness. I had a hell of a time catching up after I gt home from vacay too.

Love you too!!!

JoJo said...

Feel better girl! I'm rooting from you from the holy land. I'll put a letter in the wailing wall for you!

Kelly said...

JoJo~ Thanks hun! Hopefully your prayers from the holy land will have me in remission SOON!!!

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