Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Stalk Friday & Fawk You Friday

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It's time to get some bitching out for the week with 2 of my favorite ladies! ~J & CB. I {heart} these two!!

FAWK YOU to the little league football scrimmages. Stop taking all the parking on my street! The damn field isn't even on my street but there is never any parking on scrimmage days!

FAWK YOU time. Stop going by so damn fast! Seriously how can Nathan be starting kindergarten on Tuesday!?!! I swear I just had the kid :/

FAWK YOU hunting season. Your expensive and you take my hubby away every chance he gets! And it isn't even time yet!! He has to go scout his spot and put out bait or some shit. Oh and take pictures w/ his new trail cam that stays attached to a tree. Yep hubs set up a $100 camera to a tree and left it there. And here's another FAWK YOU hunting because I have NO desire to eat venison if hubs gets a deer and I DO NOT want a deer head hanging on my wall.

FAWK YOU damn telemarketers that keep calling for Ramikah Fouad. I'm not her, I don't know her, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! It is funny though when the house phone rings Nathan says "Mom the market man is calling again!"

Have a good weekend!!!


Christy said...

Telemarketers suck ass big time.

JoJo said...

Yes fawk time! Make it stop!

The Random Blogette said...

I fawking hate telemarketers. I still want to know how they get my cell phone number. Jerks!

Aimee said...

damn it! how the hell did i forget to add a big ole fawk you to hunting season when my husband has been gone ALL week hunting?! wow!
lol loved it!
love the blog!!!

Care said...

haha I agree about telemarketers. Im glad my hubby doesnt hunt. Ive heard it is very time consuming!! Hope you have a good weekend.

Heather said...

I had a telemarketer calling me for the LONGEST time looking for some chick. Could have been a bill collector, even. Anyway, I had to get all manner of nasty because the caller finally accused ME of pretending NOT to be her. OH HELL NO.

Definitely a Fawk You moment.

The Queen said...

oh.. crap.. I remember deer season.. sucks.. I hate deer meat.. step son was a taxidermist.. if it moved.. it got stuffed and shoved on the wall..

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