Friday, October 8, 2010

Fawk You Friday & Blog Stalk Friday 10/8

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It's time for two of my fave hops! I love me some FYF & BSF =)

*Fawk You to my stupid crappy cell phone. It cracked on Monday morning and you can't see the display or hear anything. So I've been cellphone less since Monday. My new one should be here today. I had to wait till yesterday to do the claim because hubs didn't get paid till today.

*Fawk You to my damn Halloween decorations that will not stay attached to the wall! I've used 2 different types of tape....

*Fawk You to people who twist the truth or just straight up lie. You suck.

*Fawk You to my huge ass feet! Finding some new shoes for my cousin's wedding is a pain in the ass!!

*Fawk You to downtown traffic. I know it's going to SUCK ass tonight. Yo Gabba Gabba Live @ the Fox, the Wings @ the Joe, the drunks @ Hockeytown....I see lots of asshole Detroit drivers in my future! Nick's driving for sure!!

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Have a good weekend and go link up with these 2 fabulous bitches! <3 you girls!!


Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

DUDE I have the SAME prob w/ my Halloween decorations, maybe it's cause I caved and turned the heat on so now they melt off the

Christy said...

No cell phone! I knew something was in the air. The world is coming to an end!

Thanks for sharing this on our linky today. We needed the warning.

Daisygirl said...

Happy Friday girl!!! I just grabbed your button for my blog by the way!

I need a new freakin cell phone, mine sucks ballage!!!

The Random Blogette said...

I hate cell phones and the ridiculous price of them. I feel your pain. My stupid cell phone always freezes up and it is so new. I would try to get a new one, but I don't want the same phone because it sucks and I don't have the money to get the one that I really want.

Ariana said...

I hate, hate, hate liars.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your phone. Mine is like an extra hand that I can't live without, lol.

I can't remember what size shoe you wear-but I would go nuts if I had to hunt for shoes. Especially for an event...wear a long dress and wear flip one will know! ;)

Crazy Brunette said...

Love you too hooker!

Mr. Cb went around with his display face broken on his phone forever!!!

JoJo said...

Ugh so annoying about the cell phone. I can barely function without it!

Kelly said...

Crystal~ it's driving me crazy! mine feel the need to wait until late at night to fall and scare the shit out of me!

Christy~ I got it back yesterday, thank goodness!

Daisygirl~ thanks for taking it girl! :) I want a Blackberry so bad! Hubs doesn't want to pay for the data plan :( I'm hoping he gets me one as a birthday surprise next month :)

Kelly said...

Random Blogette~ It's insane how much they cost!

Ariana~ me too girl, me too.

~J~ I wear a 12. I would totally rock some flip flops but I already have my dress and it's short :/ so the hunt continues.....

CB~ I could have dealt w/ the broken display b/c I'm eligible for my upgrade in 4 months but you couldn't hear either.

Smooches skankface!! <3

JoJo~ I know! I use mine for everything!

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