Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I feel like writing but I don't have anything too exciting to say so bullets it is bitches....

  • Friday night we are taking the boys to Yo Gabba Gabba Live! They do not know. They are going to be SOOO excited when we get there =)
  • Saturday is UofM vs. State..........GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sunday is the melanoma walk. I'm SOOO excited!! Last year was a blast. I had to be pushed in a wheelchair because my knee was still really fucked up. I'm excited to walk this year. I'm gonna rock my shape ups and firm up my booty! 
  • After the walk we're going to Apple Charlie's and to Big Bird's Pumpkin. Yay for fall!!! This is my fave time of the year :)
  • My gym finally opens up on Monday. I gotta get my ass in shape!!
  • Doing homework w/ Nathan is torture! He just wants to rush thru it so he can play. When I tell him he has to re-do what he rushed thru he starts whining/crying. He gets so frustrated. Saying he doesn't/can't do it. Yet he brings home papers from school that day where he did do it and did it well :/ ughhhhhh I give mad props to all you teachers & home schooling moms!!! I don't know how you do it!
  • I went into the attic looking for Halloween stuff and found a box of diapers for Colin and a bunch of clothes. The box was labeled 2T but I went thru it and found some 3T stuff and 2 pairs of shoes that will fit him! Yay!!! :) 
  • I'm going to wash the left over stuff and the stuff that I cleaned out of the boys closets the other day and take it to Once Upon a Child. Whatever they don't buy I'm going to give to my sister.
  • I made a Halloween wreath today and it looks sweet as hell but now I can't shut my front door all the way!! The skull on it is too big! argh!!! I didn't put the bow underneath the skull.
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Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

Hey girlie, I didnt delete my FB technically cause then I'll loose all my videos on my blog and all the pics of my kids, but as for friends on it it's deleted and I moved to the "jus keep Smiling" FB was to hard to keep up w/

Dont think I deleted you =)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Pretty fucking original wreath

Kelly said...

Crystal~ ahhh gotcha =)

A Daft Scots Lass~ thanks! I'm so bummed that I have to hang it on the wall now! Hopefully I can find a smaller skull re-do it.

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