Sunday, October 17, 2010

Google Analytics & 4am rambles

I've been seeing people do posts about what keywords people search to find their blogs. I've been meaning to do one for awhile so here goes.....

~pedicure+tickilish....I want one but am soooo ticklish :/
~old woman aass parade....yes that is how 'ass' was spelled and I am NOT old!! I'll   be 31 next month!
~mommy's hot ass....this one needs no explanation ;)
~melanoma foto....???
~awesome mami....again no explanation needed
~huge feet for a girl....sad but true :( stop rubbing it in fucker!
~ass parade blogger....apparently I like to parade my ass around.
~camping blogs....I write about camping a few times and I'm a camping blog apparently
~ass....hubs wishes he was getting this much
~lucky mom love son....I am & I do =)
~naughty pics blogspot....who told you about those?!? ;}

So there it is. There were a couple interesting ones. I've seen other bloggers who have had waaaay more interesting keywords. Oh well it is what it is.


I'm feeling better. Finally!!

Nick is going hunting in the evening tomorrow. He was supposed to go in the morning but his friend's wife is out partying and will be in no shape to keep the kids at 3 in the morning when they would leave. Hell she probably won't even be home by then! I was going to bust ass cleaning the house, finish the laundry and make cookies with the kids now my day is messed up. I can't really clean with him home. Unless he pisses me off then watch out!!

He found out from my cousin that Marathon is hiring. He's applying for it. He's been waiting to try and get in there forever. My cousin has been there for about 7 years and he brings home 6 figures a year. I'm excited but I'm scared as well. I'm afraid that the insurance won't accept me or that they will tell him yeah we'll take her then when it comes time to get it they won't and I'll be screwed.

I thought he was gone alot now. Whoa if he gets this job he'll be gone all the time. I guess the shift is swing shift. 4 days on, 4 days off. Well my cousin said that most guys end up working 2 of their days off. My cousin has worked 45 days straight before. He's been sent to Cali for months at a time to work other plants. They pay to have you fly home to visit or have your fam visit you but crap that's alot of time away. He wants to make more money though. He complains about Comcast all the time and how they do stuff. I dunno, I'm excited. I hope he gets it. It would be so nice to finally not be broke on payday. To be living and not just scraping by. To have leftover money to get up and do something when we feel like it. Hopefully it works out :)


Dazee Dreamer said...

Good luck to your hubby.

LaVonne said...

I never have crazy ones like this. :) Thanks for sharing.

Happy Week!

Mommy of 2 Boys said...

Good luck to Nick hunting and with the job!! Keep us posted!

Kelly said...

Dazee Dreamer~ thanks!!

LaVonne~ no problem! Have a great week!

Tina~ thanks doll, I will :)

Gucci Mama said...

I love checking my analytics. Mine mostly involve some variation of "dirty panties". I'm not sure why.

Kelly said...

Gucci~ dirty panties...that's great

SB said...

i have been seeing that a lot too. how do you even check to see?

Kelly said...

SB~ go to and sign up. it's super easy!

SB said...

awesome thanks, ok i signed up and i still dont understand what to do. we have to put some code somewhere? man i am dumb today lol

Kelly said...

SB~ copy the code from the analytics site then go to design on your dashboard. under add gadgets select add html/javascript then paste the code.
that's it :)

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