Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mouthy Mamas 10/11

It's that time of the week again!! Time for MMHT!!!

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brought to you by

and our special guest co-host

Here is the rules of the Mouthy Mamas Hop Too Blog Hop
(AND if you can't follow them... Close this here fucking window)
1. Follow ALL 4 hostesses.
2. Link up to our hop & tell your non-family friendly blogger friends!
3. This link up is for blogs rated PG-13 & UP ONLY!!!
4. We're bitches... we're gonna be checking out your sites!! don't make us delete your rainbow world and cupcake land rated G only asshat sites, YOU have a million of family friendly blog hops to choose from!
5. READ the blogs you follow... none of this.. 'follow me, i follow you' bullshit... i've got no time for commercials on TV OR the Internet peeps.
too mean?! lol why it's called mouthy mamas.... lol

Get it? Got it? GOOD!!! Now link up and tell all your bitchy bloggy buddies!!!! =)  


aims said...

Ha! I did used to work in interior design! Thank ya woman!

Kelly said...

aims~ your welcome! :)

Jessica Warrick said...

This is a cool blog hop i always worry that when i cuss im going to lose readership but here i dont feel that way. new to the hop long time follower.

Kelly said...

Jessica~ Thanks girl! I used to worry about that too but then I realized this is MY blog. I'm going to write the way I would as if it was a paper journal. If you don't like it your more than welcome to not read me. =)

Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

Following you from the hop , follow me back =)

Tell me you dont love when that's the only comment someone leaves

Kelly said...

Crystal~ after we follow each other back we can go jump in the clouds and play on the rainbows!!! hahaha

oh and sprinkle cupcakes down on all those below

~J said...

Hey Doll! Be back in a few to link up! XO

Kelly said...

~J~ no problem babe!! :)


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