Sunday, October 10, 2010

21 questions w/ Daisy


1. Describe what you sleep in. Tank top & undies or pj pants if it's cold. I had to stop sleeping naked since those darn kids like to come in our room and get in bed with us!! I sure do miss those days though!!
2. Dirty talk? Talk dirty to me. oh yeah!!!! I'd probably make you blush with some of the stuff I say in the bedroom ;)

3. Lingerie yes or no? yes not all the time though. I'll sometimes put some on and then put my big black sweater to make hubs thinks it's not happening then ooppss the robe slips or I accidentally open it up. Surprise honey!!

4. What is your favorite sex toy? my silver bullet for sure!!!! I love, love, LOVE that thing!!!!!

5. What is your sweet spot? my neck!

6. How long should foreplay last? it really depends on my mood. sometimes I just want to straight up fuck, ya know?! but when I want it at least 10 minutes is good :)

7. Drink that puts you in the mood. I don't have a particular one, any alcohol will work!

8. Are you voyeuristic? not so much anymore. I am trying to get back to that though.

9. How do you feel about porn? most of it is cheesy as hell but I love some girl on girl action!!

and lastly
10. Care to share you bra size? I will. 40C


Daisygirl said...

some hawt answers there girl!!! Love my silver bullet too! And I think the neck totally won this round!!!

Thanks for linking up and kicking ass!

Kelly said...

Daisygirl~ I so wish you lived by me, I'd totally have another Pure Romance party!


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