Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures [2]

<------more pictures that way :)

 the cake from the bachelorette party
 chocolate asses & dicks
 some decorations
 Aunt Kristie & me
 my cousin Becky, the bride-to-be
 me & Beck
 Becky, Jennette & me sucking on our penis straws
 we has to carve anatomicaly correct penis's out of cucumbers...with a plastic knife
 doing a blowjob shot
 blowing the cake
 I love him. <3
 Daddy was trying to show the boys how to run up the slide. I wasn't supposed to be taking pics. I never listen!
 cleaning up the yard.
my doggies cuddled up together :)


Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

Love the pics momma =) the cake is awesome!

Kelly said...

Crisc~ thanks hun!!

SB said...

i did a party but had no penis anything because people would have been throwin a fucking fit. seriously cant they take a joke. anywho i am jealous the party looks fun. and your kiddos are super cuties!

Kelly said...

SB~ People need to chill out! It was a blast. If it had been my party there would have been even more penis!! Thanks for the comment about my kiddos =)

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