Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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I haven't done FMBT in forever!!

I kind of took an "unofficial, unannounced" blog break! I was sick then I was so busy. Nathan's field trip, my cousin's wedding, Halloween then another cousin's birthday party. This week will be pretty busy as well. I've got Nathan's parent/teacher conference, a CT Scan and I'm watching my niece on Wednesday. My birthday is also coming up :]

So here's a few pics for now. I'll do a real update later!

 picking up leaves
 Nathan & is gf Chelsea
 picking apples
 my 5 year old is a PIMP ;]
 Momma will always be #1
 Miss Em rocking my sunglasses
 Sam & Colin
 the beautiful bride and I
 the boys were the talk of the reception with their dancing skills

 Colin the zombie skeleton

Colin, Nathan, Uncle Bryan, Emalyn, Uncle Mike & Ricky


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I am a follower! I will appreciate if you follow me back!

Crisc@JusKeepSmiling.com said...

I dont know how weve never ran in to each other..for shits sake it's fuckin downriver..lol I already know you had a fab time just sayin what up =)

Misty said...

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Kelly said...

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Happy Tuesday hun!!!

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Your kids are adorable!
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