Monday, November 8, 2010

Mouthy Mamas 11/8

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It's that time again!! :) There's no guest host this week because Aims has been busy getting her new blog up & running. So go check it out!!

so as you all know we have some rules... i don't know why cause half of you don't seem to read or follow them.. so i hope you fucking read them....

1. read the fucking rules.
2. follow the fucking rules.
3. follow all the fucking hostesses, whether you like us or not ITS THE GODDAMN RULES.
4. this is a blog hop for the sites who aren't allowed int he 'familyfriendly' hops so if you ARE allowed in those hops, join em, and DO NOT join this one.
5. mouthy mamas does NOT mean you must cuss as much as i. because god fucking knows not many do. i have a special talent and i don't expect you to exceed at it as much as i have. mouthy means, maybe you've offended someone or that you don't want your family and friends reading yer shit or that if yer kids friends read it you'd be horrified... that's mouthy.
6. if you have a stick up yer ass... don't join us, i won't like you and you won't like me so spare us, puh-lease.
7. leave me a comment, if you don't i won't visit yer site i don't wanna hear ANY bitching about what a stuck up snob i am that i run a blog hop and i don't visit the hoppers cause that goes both ways that i run a blog hop and yer hopping and not commenting. get it, got it, good?!

now. for the BIG rule..... READY FOR IT?!

not somewhere in the mix of the shit on yer blog where i have to hunt for it. i want to go to yer blog and SEE it on the blog you link to. OK JOSE?!
easy enough?!


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