Wednesday, January 5, 2011

21 questions w/ Daisy


This 21 questions will be a little different....maybe a little more fun or complicated. You know the game clue? Well this edition will have 21 famous people, 21 sex acts or toys, and 21 places. You will answer as follows...pick your sex partner, pick your toy or act and pick a place...example Paula Abdul with the candle stick in the laundry room. Of course I am going to get dirtier than this!

The People                                     Toys/Acts                                                     Places
Ryan Reynolds                                Dildo                                                          kitchen
Britney Spears                                Cage                                                         bathroom
Gerard Butler                                  handcuffs                                                  fitting room
Pee wee herman                            Ropes                                                 public reststop
Gene Simmons                               anal beads                                                 on the table
Angelina Jolie                                 double harness                                           the closet
George Clooney                             threesome                                                  Vegas Club
Jax(Charlie Hunnam)                      hot wax                                               driving range
The cast of Trueblood                   nipple clamps                                                 hot tub
Hank Baskett                                   cock ring                                                       airplane
Megan Fox                                    silk ties                                                         parking lot
Vin Diesel                                          whip cream                                                Church

My choices....
1. Ryan Reynolds w/ a cock ring on the table.
2. Britney Spears w/ nipple clamps in the fitting room.
3. Gerald Butler w/ silk ties in church.
4. Pee Wee Herman w/ a cage in the closet.
5. Gene Simmons w/ anal beads on an airplane.
6. Angelina Jolie w/ a double harness in a parking lot.
7. George Clooney w/ handcuffs in the bathroom.
8. Jax w/ ropes at a public rest stop.
9. The cast of True Blood w/ hot wax at a Vegas club.
10. Hank Baskett in a threesome at the driving range.
11. Megan Fox w/ a dildo in a hot tub.
12. Vin Diesel w/ whipped cream in the kitchen.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Good Choices!

Mad Mind said...

LOL! I love how daring you are. Me, I'm just an old lady who complains a lot. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks guys! :)

Daisygirl said...

K your peewee herman answer is right on ....of course in the closet! haha!

Thanks for linking up Chica! Happy Hump day! said...

Number 12 is my fav

Kelly said...

Daisy~ haha peewee was a tough one..ugh!! lol

Happy Hump Day!!

Crisc~ :) #10 is my fave!

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