Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Naughty List

Names Will Not Be Changed To Protect The Innocent

My question comes from Envii

Have you ever gotten caught doing anything sexual by a family member or friend? Details not just a yes or no.

More than once ;) 

One time I was so drunk at a party that I pulled Nick's pants down and gave him a blowjob in front of everyone. One of his friends took a bunch of pictures as well. Those are the pictures that inspired me to start my BJ Scrapbook.

Another time we were hanging out at one of Nick's friends houses and we snuck down to the basement and had sex on the washer.

There were many times when we were first dating that one or both of his parents came into his room while we were getting busy. I worked midnights back then so we always said we were watching movies. When they'd pop in I just acted like I fell asleep. They believed it every time!

Now my question for the person that follows me is...if you were offered a million dollars to do a porno, would you do it and if so what type would it be?


Anonymous said...

a fuckin'BJ scrapbook!
NICE! lol


Kelly said...

Twisted Fate~ YES!!! I was pretty damn kinky and didn't give a shit before I had kids. Hubs wishes I was still that crazy but the kids and then getting sick took a toll on me. I'm trying to get back to that though. We were kid free this past weekend and I still have it in me ;) He was very happy!

Jen Sparkles said...

I so want to answer this question too!!!! LOL. I love the answer! The hubby and I got our kicks by doing it in the driveway at my parents... we realized after 30 minutes the neighbors across the street were sitting outside

Kelly said...

Jen~ that's great! lol once I was giving hubs a bj in the parking lot of the apartment complex I lived it and some guy came over and knocked on the window. He as looking for someone and wanted to know if we knew them. He realized what we were doing and got all tongue tied! lol

EnVii said...

awesome answer!!!

Kelly said...

Envii~ thanks doll!

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