Friday, January 14, 2011

New You 2011~week 2

Sorry that I am late posting this but the kids were sick. Then I was sick. It was back and forth and back and forth like that for about 4-5 days. We're all doing much better now though!

So I managed to lose 10 pounds. Not eating and throwing up what little you do eat will do that to ya! I also managed to not drink as much pop as usual. That's huge for me. I love my Pepsi!

I plan on getting back in the gym soon and buying lots of healthy food when we go grocery shopping. A pair of my jeans ripped today. The rip was in the inner thigh. When Nick got home from work and saw me messing with the iron and some patches he was like "just buy a new pair." No thanks honey. I have no desire to buy more fat jeans!! I have a ton that I need to fit into. So there's some more motivation for me. If I don't want to be stuck in 1 pair of jeans and sweats for the rest of winter I've got some weight to lose!!

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Babes Mami said...

I hate the inner thigh rip!! I had my zipper break a couple weeks ago so now it's get into my spanx and wear my tight jeans or sweats. I have four pairs of jeans in gradiating sizes from before and during pregnancy and refuse to buy more jeans until those are too big without spanx.

I lost some weight from being sick last week too and then my lady friend decided to come yesterday and I gained back the weight in bloating lol. Argh!

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