Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday 6

How do you feel about the death penalty? I'm pretty much all for it. Why should we have to pay for the scum of the earth to have food, shelter & medical care while they file appeal after appeal trying to get themselves off of death row. No thanks and too bad all those sadistic, messed up in the head murderers couldn't get killed the same way they killed their victims.

Did you make a New Year's resolution? If so--what!? Not really a resolution per say. I plan on getting in better shape, losing some weight and I need to get my house more organized.

Why do women take men on Maury for paternity tests when they know DAMN well that Maury is going to say..."You are NOT the father!"?? Lord only knows!! I think it's pretty damn funny though when the girl is back for the 8th time and is 1000% positive that this guy is it. Just like she was about the previous 7. Seriously your a hoe, do you really need to broadcast it to the world? Your mom must be soooo proud!

Teen Mom on MTV...does it glorify teen pregnancy? Do you watch it? Don't lie--you do, don't you? I watch it. I don't think it glorifies teen pregnancy at all. It shows how hard it is and really most of the girls are damn lucky to have all the help that they do.

Pajama jeans--rockin or ridic?  I'll pass. Just gimmie regular old jeans or sweats.

Travel back in time--tell us about the teenage you! I was pretty shy. I played volleyball & softball. I worked on the yearbook and I was treasurer of SADD. I was even one of the trainers for the football team for a year. I was quiet but if I was with my group of girls then I couldn't shut up! I loved going to concerts and sporting events with my friends. I hated being at home. I could not wait to move out.


Day 2 Day Living said...

I agree with the death penalty...take them out the same way they took someone out!
Teen Moms...Ehh..kind of torn on that one though.
I think I need the pajama jeans...I love my pj's!

Dazee Dreamer said...

loved your thoughts on the death penalty. and agree on their own deaths. said...

You sounded like such a good

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