Friday, March 4, 2011

Upcoming CSN giveaway

Spring is almost here :) The sun is out more and the snow is melting away. That means it's almost time to start cleaning up the yard to get ready to play outside. I'm ready, Nick's ready and so are the kids and the dogs! 

We have lived in this house for 5 years now but are still working on fixing it up just the way we want it. Last year we concentrated on the front yard, this year we want to spruce up the back yard. One thing on the top of out list is to get some outdoor lighting. My hubby is a country boy stuck in the city so we are always outside during the warmer months. The backyard is filled with toys, crazy dogs & crazy boys! We're always grilling and having friends over to chill out. You need light to see right?

CSN Stores have graciously offered a $50 gift certificate code for me to giveaway so make sure to check back for that soon =)

1 comment:

Crisc said...

I'll definitely be back =)

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