Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cancer's a Bitch

Saturday was the memorial for my cousin who passed from adrenal cancer back in August. Her wishes were to be cremated and to wait awhile to have any services. The memorial was nice. It was outside at the cemetery were most of my family is laid to rest. Afterwards we went to lunch at Big Bear Lodge. It was nice to catch up with family. We shared stories of Sue and had lots of laughs. Aunt Gay told us of a breast biopsy she had done that week and was waiting for the results. I started to feel sick while I was eating. I went to the restroom and was in there for awhile. Waiting to just puke already. I hate the feeling of feeling like your going to vomit. Just do it and feel better already! I finally come out of the restroom and we [I rode w/ my parents] left. I knew something bad was coming :/

Within 10 minutes of getting to my parent's house I was puking so hard that I was peeing at the same time. TMI I know but it's one of the lovely joys of living with cancer's side effects :/ I finished and got cleaned up and I layed down. There was no way I could drive home at that point. A few hours later I felt good enough to drive home. Got home, got the kids in their pj's and we cuddled up on the couch. Nick was hunting, it was opening day for bow. The next day I woke up and was ok for a few hours then I started puking. I ended up puking 4-5 times Sunday. I didn't leave the couch all day unless I was running to the bathroom. Nick took the boys to a bowling birthday party so they were all gone for a few hours and I slept.

Monday I felt a little better. Good thing because Nick had to work. He's usually off on Mondays but he had to do mandatory OT. I started feeling crappy again after I picked Colin up from pre-school. I had to stop by my aunt's house to let her know that I didn't need her to watch Colin because my Relay for Life meeting was rescheduled. I ended up staying at her house for a few hours because I felt so crappy :/ Went and picked Nathan up from his friend's house [he went home from school w/ a friend for the 1st time~he was so excited!] came home and chilled.

Tuesday I felt pretty good. Took Nathan to school and came home and decorated for fall/Halloween. I started feeling crappy so I took a break for lunch and to chill out. Picked up Nathan and went to the park. Came home made dinner, gave baths and relaxed then put kids to bed. Dozed off on the couch then my mom called. She just talked to Aunt Gay on FB and she found out she has breast cancer :(

Seriously?!?! She's the 3rd person in our family to get diagnosed in as many years.

Cancer your a nasty bitch and you need to GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kisma said...

1. I am so sorry your feeling so up and down and hope that today is a good day.

2. I am so very sorry to hear about your Aunt and my prayers are with your family.

Babes Mami said...

I hope that you feel a little better soon. I hate that you have to go through this so often and now another family member diagnosed? I'm sorry Kelly.

Dazee Dreamer said...

omg you poor thing. I can't stand puking and it's got to be awful as much as you do it.

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Mad Mind said...

Yes, cancer needs to go away. I refuse to give it a capital letter.

I'm sorry you're feeling bad. I have two great aunts and a great uncle who lost battles to colon cancer. Unfortunately cancer can run in families. And that sucks.

I hope you feel better and I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Gay. Let me know if you need an ear. I'm here.

Raven said...

ok so I read up a little (thanks for following me btw!) and cancer also strikes close to home for me. My grandma died of cancer just over a month ago. It was so fast and so sudden (this was the second time it came back) and I miss her everyday but know she is in a better place so I totally agree, Cancer is one NASTY BITCH!

Hope you get a clean bill of health ASAP!!!!!!!

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