Friday, September 30, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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It's time for my free therapy session with Boobies & Christy =) I you haven't joined up yet you should!! They are both awesome ladies and who can resist that kick ass meme button?!?

On with my FU's!!!!

FU to ecoli. My aunt's SIL has ecoli and she is not well at all. There is a strong chance she won't make it. She has a daughter a few years older than Nathan. It's so sad. Prayers would be appreciated! <3

FU to all the damn squirrels! They drive my dog crazy which in turn drives me crazy! My 75 pound dog is either perched on top of the love seat looking out the big front window at the squirrels or he is pacing and whining to go out side and get them. He has tried to get away from me countless times. He knows how to jump the fence in the back yard too so I can't leave him out for too long. If I do it's peace out for Logan and me having to pack the kids in the car to drive around the neighborhood and look for him.

FU to my knee. I have a small tear in my right knee. I don't know how I did it. Well it has gotten worse. It hurts to bend, I can't kneel on it or leave it in one position for too long. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doc on Oct 12th. I hope I don't have to have surgery. That's just what I need on top of everything else :/

FU to my treatment side effects! I am so tired of having diarrhea all the time :/ Granted it's better than vomiting all day long but can a girl get a break already?

FU to myself for bitching about the side effects. Some people are not as lucky as I am to have their treatment work. I'm Sorry :( and extremely grateful & blessed to be doing so well even if I feel like shit all the time. At least I'm here to feel it and not stuck in the hospital. FUCK CANCER!!!!!!



Crisc said...

Sorry to hear about your SIL. That's awful!
Glad you found out your knee problems but a tear sucks. Hope you start getting some kind of relief soon girlie.

Kisma said...

My prayers are with your SIL and I hope she pulls through!

Sometimes we just need a good vent session!

and I couldn't agree more with FU cancer. I currently sporting the Bride of Frankenstein with stitches that don't come out for another week, BUT, we got all the cancer again and I am forever grateful.

I hope you feel better soon!!

Mad Mind said...

I am so sorry about your aunt's SIL. I've known a couple of people who got ecoli but they made it. It can be devastating to those who come down with it.

I posted a pic of a squirrel that tried to put a nut in my mailbox. I didn't get it while he was trying to but he's sitting on the railing. They have overrun this place. Someone told me that meant we were going to have a really bad winter.

I hope your knee gets better. That just sucks. And make sure you're drinking lots of water and if you can take it eat bananas. They will replace your potassium that you lose.

I really hope you have a better week than you've had so far.

Dazee Dreamer said...

god girl, you are having a bad week. A tear in your knee. I feel your pain. And I say fuck you to your cancer all the time. squirrels. I'll trade you a few deer for a couple of your squirrels. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you're entitled to complain...You're one tough Mama. You know I'm proud of you!


Anonymous said...

PS--What is it with everyone and salmonella and ecoli lately? I'm afraid to leave the house or eat anything! Hope your Aunt's SIL is doing better. Let me know, doll!

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