Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey guys =)
I'm sick :/ and things here have been a little crazy the last week or so. Nick's cousin passed away so the funeral was last Thursday. She was only 40. She was sick with pneumonia. They don't know if that's what caused her death or not. Whatever it was it's sad :( My SIL came into town for a few days and she stayed with us so that was nice to see her. We haven't seen her in almost 7 years. She came to MI for a few days when Nathan was born. He was very sad to see her go :( We plan on flying our niece up her for a week or so in the summer. She has 3 kids but Ariel is having lots of issues with her parents being divorced and some other things on top of normal teenage girls issues (she'll be 13 at the end of June). I remember when I was her age I went to visit my aunt, uncle & cousins in TX for a week and had a blast =))

Nathan was sick last week. He missed 3 days of school. He had a really bad cough and just felt blah :( Now I'm sick. I have a sore throat, body aches, a headache and I'm throwing up. 

I did get good news last week though!! The brain MRI I had last Monday came back and showed that the tumor they believe to be melanoma is shrinking!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!

Alright ladies I'm out, I just had to let ya'll know I'm still around. Hopefully I'll be back to normal ASAP!! =)


Nadine Hightower said...

Shrinking! That is great news!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm sorry you're sick - Princess Nagger has the same symptoms but I had to send her to school since they're having their PSSA's today (in 3rd Grade!!). Hope you get rid of the yucks soon.

YAY for the tumor shrinking!! That is awesome news!!!

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Cathy Kennedy said...

What can I say, it's allergy season on top of cold/flu/bronchittis season. Will it ever end? My daughters who are married and on their own have reported being sick. DD#1, I think is better. DD#2 is on her 4th day of upper respiratory infection - poor kiddo! Thankfully, we're well. *knock on wood* That's marvelous news about the growth. We'll pray for complete recovery of this horrible disease. Hopping over from TTUT linky!

Impulsive Addict said...

THAT is wonderful news my friend!!!! I'm so happy to hear that!

However, the funeral for the cousin is very sad. I can't image what would have caused her death. I guess pneumonia can be pretty serious. So sad.

I hope you get well. People at my house were sick here this weekend. Luckily, it missed me! WOO HOO!

Thanks for linking up and giving us an update!! xoxo

Dazee Dreamer said...

woo hoo on the shrinkage.!!!!

Becca said...

Shrinkage is a very good thing! Great news! Hope that you are feeling better soon!

Kisma said...

What a wonderful report!!! I am sorry it shares a story of loss in the family,

Hope you feel better soon.

Happy Wednesday!

Babes Mami said...

Sorry for your families loss but excited about tumor shrinkage!

Carol Taylor said...

Great news, Kelly about that shrinkage! Prayers that it continues! Blessings.

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