Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Long time no blog huh? The lap top was in the shop for about a week or so getting fixed then after I had it back I felt horrible. I'm back now and hopefully with the kids starting school next week I can get into a regular routine blogging wise. Cross your fingers yo!

I actually got to go out this past weekend. The boys ended up spending the night at my parents house after my niece's birthday party so mama went buck wild!! Nick and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. Never ending pasta, yum! I swore up an down that I'd make it to 2 plates. I even stayed away from the bread sticks and only had a little bit of salad but I still could only eat half of the first plate! Oh well it was good :)

After we left OG Nick said he wanted to go out. So we ended up at the bar with Brett. We had a blast. I ended up so drunk and I was ordering my drinks from the male bartender by telling him to give me more sex!!! I was a hot mess, lol!! I was texting, tweeting and facebooking and you could not read what I was writing. Oh well I had fun and I never go out so it was well deserved!! :)

I'm excited for this weekend. Friday we are going to Cedar Point. I haven't been there in 12 years. We're taking my cousin Hayley with us. Then Sunday we are headed back to Sandusky, OH to go to Kalahari waterpark. We got an awesome deal on Livingsocial for $159. We couldn't pass that up =) We get 6 passes so we asked my brother if him and my niece want to go. If he can't make it we'll ask Blake and Hayley.

Well I'm off. Gotta head out and get some last minute back to school supplies!! 
Happy Tuesday!!


Nadine Hightower said...

it's always good to cut loose!
Have a good time at the waterpark.

Crystal said...

would that be your Wooooohoooo lets dribnkik tweet?? haha that's great!
very cool that you got to go out and have fun!
i'm from Cleveland but haven't made it to Sandusky in over 17 years. some of my friends and family have been to both places and they always have a good time.
have a fun holiday weekend!! (:

Babes Mami said...

welcome back!!

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