Friday, October 1, 2010

21 questions w/ Daisy


1. Would you ever have a threesome or have you? I've thought about it but I couldn't stand seeing someone all up on my man!!
2. Lights on, candle light, or off? candle light would be my preference
3. Does size matter? yes!
4. Craziest place you ever got down to business. A friend of Nick's parents house on their dryer with the friend and his girl a few feet away ;)
5. How quick was your quickest quickie? a few minutes with a guy whose penis was the size of my pinky!
6. Food that makes you think sex? whipped cream
7. Do you like your man to be manscaped? If you are a man do you manscape? YES!!
8. Ladies do you keep your garden tended? of course
9. How do you feel about making home movies? they are right next to my BJ scrapbook ;)
10. Ever been caught by the kids? almost but not yet.
11. Do you like sweaty sex? nooo
12. When did you lose your virginity? I was 19
13. How do you feel about sex while pregnant? I felt like a beached whale but I had my moments where I was so horny I had to have it! You work with the belly to get it done!
14. Song that put you in the mood Let's Get It On
15. Number of orgasms you have had in one night? I do believe I stopped counting at 5 or 6... ;)
16. Have you had sex in a car? yes
17. Do you have toys? a whole bag full
18. How do you feel about guy toys? the rings are fine but I'd be a lil weirded out if they pulled out a blow up doll!
19. Would you ever pierce your yoohoo? ouch!!!!
20. Explain your kissing style. depends on my mood...soft & slow or hard & fast
and lastly...
21. What is your body part? Some girls love arms or ass, guys butts or boobs? arms & shoulders. I like em big :)


Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

I hated pregnant

On another note my ass my your top commenters list not once but fuckin twice how cool is

Daisygirl said...

Hey Hey! Thanks for linking up girl I am now following your blog!!!

You have a BJ scrapbook?? hmmmm ;)

And yes size matters!!!!

Happy Friday Chica!

Kelly said...

Crystal~ your just special like that :)

Daisygirl~ No problem, the questions were fun to answer :) Hey what can I say I love to scrapbook ;) lol

SB said...

lovon your answers, diggin the bj scrapbook. i would be too afraid my kiddos would find it. they find EVERYTHING lol

Kelly said...

SB~ thanks :) It's hidden in a box in the basement. I'm going to have to find a better spot before they get older!

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